Finished: 08 PM Wed 07 Dec 16 UTC
Private KW 15x15 Game 1
2 days /phase
Unrated - Spring, 919, Finished
Known World 901, No messaging, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 2 turn(s)
This is a moderated game. Gamedirector: Dr. Recommended (1922 D Mod (B)) (is playing too).
Known World 901 15x15 Gunboat Tournament

Game drawn

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03 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 901: Dr. Recommended (Gamedirector): Please remember to ready your orders unless you truly need the full phase. Thanks!
23 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 911: Dr. Recommended (Gamedirector): Please see forum post regarding the next game of this tournament. Thanks!
05 Dec 16 UTC Autumn, 918: Dr. Recommended (Gamedirector): Next 2 games. Please join when you are able. I will keep the join phase extended until all are ready.

Password is: popcorn
05 Dec 16 UTC [India]:phew ... so close and yet so far ...
05 Dec 16 UTC [Byzantinum]:I... I'm alive? What even...
06 Dec 16 UTC [Spain]:Ouch.. Sandwiched between Kaner, Mouse and Eki83 as Spain. Not a good draw of neighbors there. Then again I don't know which 3 of you I would have wanted to draw as neighbors when playing Spain. Ah well, on to the next game.
06 Dec 16 UTC [Russia]:I was pleased to see Mouse allowed to draw in this one. In my opinion he played a very pragmatic game after things went horribly wrong for Byzantium. He chose a principled stand, and significantly contributed to stopping India's advance through the middle east, even though doing so put him at grave risk. I appreciated the decisions, and felt that Byzantium deserved a draw here - even at just 1 SC. When a player has that much contribution to stopping a solo they deserve to be rewarded for it.

Likewise from France I appreciated the relieve to turn and face east when the dangers there were very real. I know that you'd been hoping to Invade Russia, and you had me plenty annoyed with your reckless convoy into Bjarmland. Kudos for the attempt, but more so for backing off just in time. Also I appreciate the shows of support that appeared to convince Germany to wake up (see below).

Bozo, I was really concerned that Germany's stubbornnesss was going to cost us all a solo loss. I do appreciate you ceasing attack, but you sure as hell made it damn difficult. I took Borussia as an absolute necessity build for the east. I thought that you'd see that surely if not in need, but from my build after, but you just kept attacking. While your nation was a pain the ass all game, I was please to see that France did not envelop you just for a few more points. you earned a draw in a difficult position here.

Nice run from India. I thought that you had us there. I was shocked that you slipped up and allowed me a few counter punches towards the end, but they were superficial gains

Mapu, sorry that you got steamrolled early on here. I'd say more, and I'm sure I have bloody hands, but after all the fighting I did here I cannot recall whose blood is whose anymore.
06 Dec 16 UTC [Srivijaya]:Russian RUFF and German bozo. Where have I seen that before?
06 Dec 16 UTC [Germany]:Congratulations to India for taking the lead in the tournament. Also, nice job France and Russia for stopping the solo, I was confident you would be able to do it.

Russia, I felt that I needed the imminent risk of a solo to survive, otherwise France could have safely taken me out without concern for how it would affect your ability to hold off India. With that said, after you took Borussia in Autumn 911, I do not believe that I attacked you at any point, other than ordering support for France to Lettish Sea a couple of times in case France was interested in moving there.

France, thanks for the alliance. I do not know how close you came to taking me out, but you certainly had opportunities if you had decided to go in that direction.
06 Dec 16 UTC [India]:well, a bit more from me now that i have the time:
from the start i was somewhat able to take on my neighbours one by one without being severely interrupted by others ... that was the base to my growth midgame ...

I'm not sure about the details anymore, but there was one turn where i made a tactical mistake against Turan then, combined with a wrong order, and that slowed me down just enough not to slip into russias wall of defense in time to have a crack ... later the russian border was stable except another small mistake i had to iron out again. not perfect play up there.

Africas invasion was my outlet to find more room, but resistance was actively slowing me down until France came to the conclusion he had to run for africa himself too. when Wagadu decided he'd favour me over his second agressor, i saw a small chance to run for the solo yet, but unfortunately for Wagadu that ended in elimination instead of asylum – if i was aiming for the draw then, i would have made some enclave, just like Byzantinum got one from Russia for his help, but it was a now-or-never sprint.

looking forward to the next games (and the results of #2)
06 Dec 16 UTC [Egypt]:Kaner and I just recorded a new podcast episode where we cover off this game in a rather slightly drunkenly fashion. Should be out toward the end of this week.
06 Dec 16 UTC [Wagadu]:Yup, so if you want and EoG from me then check it out !
06 Dec 16 UTC [France]:Germany, it was not very close because first I had a hard battle against Egypt and after India's rapid expansion I hadn't real chance to get a solo. I also think you played very well and patiently and earned something.

Russia, Bjarmaland move was more like distraction than real attempt to invade more of your lands. It seemed you are probably my toughest competitor and I knew you need to move at least three units to north when my fleet transformed to army. ...But little later it was crystal clear that we need to work together and secure at least 55 supplies before India.

India, very impressive game. I really didn't expect so fast expansion because Srivijaya and Turan also got good starts. It is just very difficult to achieve a solo.
06 May 17 UTC Captainmeme (Moderator): For me when arranging the future games in this series...

Argentinean Empire = Maucat
Mapu = ScubaSteve