Finished: 03 PM Sat 27 May 17 UTC
Private KW 15x15 Game 3
2 days /phase
Unrated - Spring, 923, Finished
Known World 901, No messaging, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 2 turn(s)
This is a moderated game. Gamedirector: Dr. Recommended (1922 D Mod (B)) (is playing too).
Known World 901 15x15 Gunboat Tournament

Game drawn

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21 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 901: Captainmeme (Moderator): Alright, you're all set!

One person jumped the gun on entering orders - I changed them back to holds but one person will find all holds saved at the start of the game. Remember to change them :D
23 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 901: GameMaster: NMR from India. Send the country in CD.
23 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 901: GameMaster: Missing orders for Spring, 901 (Diplomacy) from a country with 2 or more SCs. Extending phase.The game will continue after this phase even if you do not find a replacement.
12 Mar 17 UTC Spring, 912: GameMaster: Byzantinum voted for a Extend. If 2/3 of the active players vote Extend the the current phase will be extend by 4 days. Please consider backing this. If the majority is not reached by "Spring, 913" the votes will be cleared.
17 Mar 17 UTC Spring, 913: GameMaster: Extend-request didn't reach 2/3 majority. All extend-votes cleared.
25 May 17 UTC [China]:Well, not often your contribution to a 15 player game is basically winning a 1v1 then being included in the draw...

Thanks, bozo and Utom, for a good game, and I suppose the rest of you who I had no interaction with as well :p
25 May 17 UTC [Turan]:Yep .. thanks to you mouse and Ruffhaus for good strong alliances.
26 May 17 UTC [Spain]:Jesus, I think just about everyone had a stab at good ol Spain in this game. I'll write up a more in depth EOG when I get to a keyboard.
26 May 17 UTC [Russia]:mapleleaf, I really tried to be your friend, gave Bulgar and Pechenega to you but you still attacked against me?? But at least we had tough and long fight.

kaner, I didn't want to start an offensive against you. However our border was very problematic and I didn't want to just wait and see are you hostile or not. I took Thrace and Dublin just because I needed better defensive position.

mouse and Utom, nice to see that kind of very loyal playing style too.
26 May 17 UTC [Denmark]:Well done to my drinking mate Kaner... can't wait to hear about his take on this game when we record next (hint hint Kaner.... I'm thirsty)