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Finished: 08 PM Wed 07 Jul 21 UTC
You Ratty Bastard-2
2 days /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1914, Finished
Classic - 1898 Fog of War, No messaging, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes
2 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game drawn

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10 Jun 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: GameMaster: Someone has taken over Russia replacing "Xildur". Reconsider your alliances.
01 Jul 21 UTC Spring, 1913: GameMaster: Russia voted for a Pause. If everyone votes Pause the game stop and wait till everybody votes Unpause. Please consider backing this.
01 Jul 21 UTC Spring, 1913: GameMaster: Italy voted for a Extend. If 2/3 of the active players vote Extend the the current phase will be extend by 4 days. Please consider backing this. If the majority is not reached by "Spring, 1914" the votes will be cleared.
05 Jul 21 UTC Spring, 1914: GameMaster: Per 2/3 majority vote the gamephase got extended by 4 days.
(Voters: Austria / Italy)
06 Jul 21 UTC GG, Italy and Austria, I have no chance to solo.
06 Jul 21 UTC Ahhh Kaner, looking forward to your take on this game when we record the next podcast episode tonight!
07 Jul 21 UTC Good game all!

What's the podcast??
07 Jul 21 UTC

literally talking about it now.
07 Jul 21 UTC Good game everyone. Congratulations on the board top Germany. Well done Italy, I'm happy our alliance survived the whole game! I thought my building fleets was going to irritate you. Glad it was sustainable.
08 Jul 21 UTC Meh
09 Jul 21 UTC The podcast is out. We discuss this around the 1 hr 24 minute mark -
11 Jul 21 UTC I had fun with this game, thankyou Austria for being a good ally throughout the game, I have to admit it came as a bit of a shock to see all those fleets sailing west towards the end - but I could only hope that you saw the German that to solo and wouldn't stab me.

11 Jul 21 UTC *German threat