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Mentor Program

Mentor-Apprentice Program (External Link) This is a program to allow new members to receive advice and guidance on the game from our more experienced members.
If you are a new member and want a mentor, click here to sign up.
If you would like to mentor a new member, please click here to sign up.
Any questions on this program can be directed to

  • Contact Information

    If you need to contact one of the site owners, or see more about what the moderator team and owners can help you out with, see their Contact Information here!

    DATC Adjudicator Tests

    For experts; the adjudicator tests which show that webDiplomacy is true to the proper rules.

    GNU Affero General License

    The OSI approved license which applies to the vast majority of webDiplomacy.

    Developer Info

    If you want to fix/improve/install webDiplomacy all the info you need to make it happen is here.


    At, the privacy of our visitors is of great importance to us. This privacy policy outlines the types of information received and stored by and how it is used, plus our use of cookies.

    User information:
    We only store personal information which was entered by you, the user. This includes your chosen username, password, and e-mail address, which is required at sign-up. This information is used purely for identification on the website. Only your username will be published online on our website, your e-mail address is visible only to moderators.

    Log Files:
    Like many other websites, makes use of access logs for improving the website, analyzing trends, catching cheaters, etc. The information inside the log files includes IP addresses, anonymized browser identifiers, timestamps. IP addresses, and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable.

    Academic Research:
    We are pleased to be able to offer historic move data that is publically available for research purposes, as well as historic, anonymized and redacted game message data to reputable research organizations under strict NDA provisions. Such data can result in the development of AI models that can play Diplomacy, which we can then incorporate into to improve the system. Such efforts also advance the field of computer science which the Diplomacy hobby has always benefited/contributed from/to.

    Cookies:, as with any interactive website, uses cookies to store authentication credentials and store information that persists across requests. Cookies are simply information sent from the server to your web-browser that your web-browser is expected to repeat on subsequent requests. Almost all web browsers will allow or deny storage of cookies depending on your preferences.
    We use Google Analytics to monitor usage trends. Refer to Google's privacy policy. (Note that browsers set to reject third-party cookies, which some do by default, will not repeat any cookies sent by Google Analytics on our behalf.)


    The Credits. All the people who made this site possible. Includes a list of active moderators.

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