In Machiavelli - To the Renaissance you fight in Italy during the birth of the Renaissance.
Thanks again to Enriador.

Caucasia (5 players)
Post-Soviet warfare in the Caucasus.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.0):

Special rules/information:

The start date is Spring 1999, just before the start of the war in Dagestan.

Starting Positions:

Armenia (A), Army Jerevan, Army Kirovakan, Army Martuni

Chechnya (C), Army Grozny, Army Tebulosmta, Army Vedeno

Georgia (G), Army Kutaisi, Army Lagodekhi, Army Tbilisi, Army Tskhinvali

Russia (R), Army Stavropol, Fleet Krasnodar, Fleet Pjatigorsk

Azerbaijan (Z), Army Ali Bayramli, Army Gyandzja, Fleet Baku